We Are Building a Strong


With an Equal Voice For All

Fix The Senate Now

Fix the Senate Now, a project of The Democracy Initiative, advocates for sensible change to the rules governing the U.S. Senate to end gridlock and allow the institution to meet some of our country’s greatest challenges.  Led by the ...

Money in Politics

Since the Supreme Court's decision in Citizens United, the richest of the 1 percent have been able to put their mark on our election process and our democracy. Not only are the values and the interests of the wealthy--which are very different from those of everyday Americans--now center...

Voting Rights

Our democracy is built on everyday people entrusting leaders with decisions that directly affect their lives under the fundamental principle that those leaders will count every voice equally. Unfortunately, recent years have seen a disturbing trend of wealthy special interests disrupting the...

Our Solution

Communicating Democracy’s Promise

Connecting what people care about to the need for reform.

Mobilizing Activists

Aligning existing constituencies to mobilize for a pro-democracy agenda.

Elevating New Voices

Working to reach, educate, and empower new voices to champion democracy.

Envisioning a People-Centered Democracy

Bringing people together to envision a better democracy fueled by people.

"Organizations new to the democracy space must first learn what matters and how we can help, then we need to weave the strands of the narrative into our organizations and our work. The Democracy Initiative Education Fund plays many roles, but one is to show the way with guidance, materials and connections to the groups and individuals that have the answers."

Annie Leonard, Executive Director at Greenpeace USA