Protect Our Right to Vote
Our democracy is under siege. Money is not speech and corporations are not people. Yet the power and influence of ideologically driven money in politics and corporate influence is unprecedented.

Simultaneously our fundamental democratic value of “one person, one vote” is under attack by a barrage of aggressive attempts to restrict access to the ballot box and undermine voting rights.

As a result of all this, citizen belief and engagement in the system is at an all-time low.

The Democracy Initiative, launched in 2013, seeks to restore the core principle of political equality. Labor, civil rights, voting rights, environmental, good government and other like-minded organizations with broad memberships commit to build a movement to halt the corrupting influence of corporate money in politics, prevent the systemic manipulation and suppression of voters, and address other obstacles to significant reform, including the abuse of U.S. Senate rules that allow a small minority to obstruct deliberation and block action on legislation drafted to address the critical challenges facing our nation.

Recent News

  • 9-16-15 PRESS RELEASE: The Democracy Initiative and Allies Celebrate Conclusion of America's Journey for Justice For Immediate Release:                                                                                               Contact: Sean Trambley September 16, 2015                                                                                    strambley@democracyinitiative.orgThe Democracy Initiative and Allies Celebrate Conclusion ofAmerica's Journey for JusticeMore than 1 ...
    Posted Sep 16, 2015, 3:11 PM by Sean Trambley
  • 9-14-15 The DI Report: Money in Politics Resources The DI Report: Money in Politics Edition This special edition of the DI Report is an overview and resource on money in politics to which you can refer and use ...
    Posted Sep 15, 2015, 8:35 AM by Sean Trambley
  • JOIN US 9/16 @ 9:00am: America's Journey for Justice Arrives in DC
    Posted Sep 2, 2015, 2:29 PM by O'Neil Pryce
  • 7-21-15 DI Report: Netroots Nation 2015 Voter Rights Restoration and the Move Toward a Growing Democracy: How We Get There The Democracy Initiative just returned from Netroots Nation in hot and sunny Phoenix, Arizona where we ...
    Posted Jul 21, 2015, 11:41 AM by Sean Trambley
  • Democracy in Action: Rally in Roanoke! Yesterday, on the 2nd anniversary of the Shelby County v. Holder decision which gutted the 1965 Voting Rights Act, more than 500 hundred environmental, labor, and civil rights activists joined ...
    Posted Jun 29, 2015, 1:31 PM by Sean Trambley
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